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Ila Hatter’s Wild Edibles and Medicinals of Southern Appalachia Summer Series Part I & II offers the best educational tour of herbs found in the great Smoky Mountains, one of the great international biosphere reserves in the world. The Appalachian mountains are where much of the world’s American ginseng is harvested. Hatter is an interpretive naturalist who has lead herbal tours for the National Park Service for 14 years. Both videos offer herbal folklore, natural remedies, native wisdom, identification and harvesting guidelines on a variety of herbs and are a great source of information for campers, hikers, naturalists and gourmet cooks.

Also included are the “Doctrine of Signatures” and the “Rules of Foraging.” Part 1 covers: Revolutionary Tea, lamb’s quarters, mullein, monarda, mountain mint, spearmint, plantain, purslane, jewelweed, yellowroot, ginseng and blackberry. Part 2 covers: elderberry, sassafras, basswood, bloodroot, Joe Pyeweed, Boneset, horse nettle, ground cherry and blueberry. Part 2 also features an interview with Amanda Swimmer, a Cherokee elder.

Dr. Jim Duke, a regular contributor to New Living, has expanded his talents into songwriting on this video, providing an entertaining little ditty about ginseng. We highly recommend this video.

Hatters “Fall Series” is due out May 2001.

For more information contact: Wildcrafting with Ila, PO Box 2522, Robbinsville, NC 28771, call (828) 479-8999, visit or